Card Vault

Know how to integrate Cashfree’s card vault API to use the saved card feature.

Save Card

You need to first save the customer card at checkout after a successful transaction. Saving the card for customers enables them to complete payments without having to enter the card details repeatedly for every transaction.

 name="paymentOption" value="card"/>
 name="card_number" value="4444333322221111"/>
 name="card_holder" value="John Doe"/>
 name="card_expiryMonth" value="09"/>
 name="card_expiryYear" value="2020"/>
 name="card_cvv" value="123"/>
 name="card_save" value="1"/>

Add additional parameter ‘card_save’ and set it to 1 to save the card in seamless pro flow.

Card gets saved against the phone number provided in the above request. To fetch the card token you have to call the getCards API.

Use Saved Card

Use the below form to submit a saved card.

 name="paymentOption" value="savedCard"/>
 name="card_id" value="A83091283HDKASHKJDH2132"/>
 name="card_cvv" value="123"/>