Bank Verification Async

Use this API to verify a bank account and IFSC combination. This is an async verification request.

The operation returns a response in two cases:

  1. The bank account or IFSC or both are invalid.
  2. The bank account and IFSC combination are verified.


  1. The API response is much faster for the async BAV endpoint. The async BAV response takes <100 ms as compared to a median value of 2-5 sec for the sync API.
  2. The asynchronous API can handle a higher TPM (transactions per minute) as compared to the synchronous API. The async API allows us to handle up to 1000 transactions per minute.
  3. You need to call the getValidationStatus API, to get the final status.
Click to see the response codes.

Response Codes

Sub Code





Request Accepted



Input not in expected format


Name Match Feature

To manually check if the provided customer name and the name registered at the bank are the same, consumes a lot of time and effort. Cashfree Payments has introduced a new feature that will help you to verify if the names are the same and provide the result accordingly.

Two new parameters, nameMatchResult and nameMatchScore will be available in the response, which will help you make faster validations and process payments successfully. Click here to know more.

Contact your Account Manager or write to [email protected] to activate the name match score feature for your account.