Create and Manage Subscription

Every subscription should have a plan. You can define the duration and the amount which you will charge your customers in the plan.

  1. Create subscriptions and share the link with customers
  2. Customer completes the checkout and the subscription will be active
  3. Manage subscriptions

Subscriptions Workflow

Create Subscription

After you have created the plan, the next step is to create a subscription to charge the customers as per the plan created. A notification will be sent to your customers with the checkout link to make the payment.

To create a new subscription,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Subscriptions.

View Subscriptions

  1. Click New Subscription.
  2. Enter a unique Subscription Id. This is used to identify each subscription.
  3. Select the Plan which you have already created. Click here to know how to create a plan.
  4. Enter Customer Email and Customer Phone.
  5. Enter the Subscriptions Start Date. For the Periodic plan, your customer will be charged on this date.
  6. Enter the Expiry Date, the last date till the subscription is valid.
  7. In the Note field, enter a brief description for the subscription. Customers can view this during checkout.
  8. Enter the Return URL to which customers must be redirected after the subscription has been authorized.
  9. To send SMS and email notifications to customers directly, select the option Send Email & SMS notifications to customer.

Create Subscription

  1. Click Create. The subscription is created, and the subscription authorization link is sent to the customers. The Customer can provide their card details/account number and authorize the subscription.

To view subscriptions for a particular date range, you can specify it in the Date Range field. You can also search for subscriptions by specifying the subscription ID, subscription reference ID, plan ID, and subscription status in the View Subscriptions screen. You can also see the Subscriptions Report for more information.


View Subscriptions


Use our APIs to create Subscriptions. Click here to know more.

Checkout Success

For the checkout to be successful, your customers must authorize the subscription using the link shared. You can use our standard checkout flow or you can customise the checkout experience for your customers as per your requirements. Auto-debits will be enabled only after successful authorization. It saves customers time and effort to make periodic payments. The payment gets debited automatically based on the plan created.

Payment Methods

Customers can select one of the following payment methods for subscriptions:

  • Bank Account (e-Mandate)
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • UPI

Bank Account (e-Mandate)

Customers can authorize the subscriptions using their bank account via net banking or debit card. They must enter their bank account details and authorise the subscription. The payment gets debited automatically based on the plan selected.

To authorize using a bank account,

  1. Customers must select the Bank Account (e-Mandates) payment method on the checkout page.
  2. Select the preferred authorization mode, Net Banking or Debit Card.
  3. Enter the required details, and approve the subscription.

Banks Supported
The list of supported banks can be found here.

Debit/Credit Card

Customers can authorize the subscriptions using their debit/credit card. They must enter their card details like card number, cardholder name, and card validity details to authorize the subscription. The payment gets debited automatically based on the plan selected. 25+ banks are supported for Credit and Debit card payments.

UPI Autopay

Payments for subscriptions via UPI give customers the flexibility to pay using any UPI application. Customer must first enter their UPI VPA and authorise the subscription.

Payment frequency supported: Monthly and weekly

UPI Autopay is supported for all methods that are via Intent Flow, Collect Flow, and QR Flow.

Maximum subscription amount allowed for different payment methods are mentioned below:

Payment MethodsMaximum Subscription Amount Allowed
eNACHRs. 10 lakhs
UPI AutoPayRs. 15000
SI on CardsRs. 15000

Manage Subscription

Once the customer has authorized the subscription, you can easily debit their account either periodically or as per the on-demand plan. In the case of a periodic plan, Cashfree Payments will auto-debit the customer’s account as per the plan interval. For an On-Demand plan, you have to send an API request to Cashfree every time you want to debit your customers. Your customers are notified when the payment gets debited.

For an On-Demand plan, you would have to raise a Payment every time you want to debit your customers. You can raise a payment using any of the following methods:

  1. Through API request - Charge Subscription.
  2. Through the dashboard for individual customers.
    Go to Subscriptions > View Subscriptions > Details (for the selected subscription) > ACTIONS > On Demand Charge.
  3. Through the dashboard to initiate payment charges in bulk using the Bulk Payments feature.
    Go to Subscriptions > Bulk Payments > Upload .csv file with all the details.

If the payment fails due to insufficient funds, expiration of payment method, and so on, the status of the subscription changes to ON-HOLD. In these scenarios, you can retry the failed transaction from the dashboard or use the Retry Payment API. If the retry is successful, the subscription will be activated, else it continues to be in the ON-HOLD state.

Cancel Subscription

To cancel a subscription,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Subscriptions > View Subscriptions.
  2. Select the subscription you want to cancel, and click Details. You will see a screen as shown below:

Cancel Subscription

  1. Click Cancel. The customer will no longer be charged after you cancel the subscription.

Create Bulk Subscription

Create subscriptions in bulk when you want to create a large number of subscriptions without an API integration. Add all the required details in a file as per the suggested format and upload it. The subscriptions created will be in the Initialized state.

Once the subscriptions are created, download the file to check the file status. This file also contains the checkout link which you can share with your customers using which they can complete the checkout process.

To create subscriptions in bulk,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Subscriptions > Bulk Create Subscriptions.

Bulk Create Subscriptions

  1. Click UPLOAD FILE.
  2. Click CHOOSE FILE to select the file you want to upload and then click UPLOAD.
    Ensure the uploaded file is as per the format suggested in the sample file.

Subscription File Upload

  1. The uploaded file with the status will be visible in the uploaded files section. Click Download to view the customer details, status, and the payment link.

Bulk Subscriptions