The seamless UPI API flow allows merchants to collect UPI payments. The primary API is used to create a collect request to customers phone. Once the payment is confirmed a callback will be sent to the notifyUrl. As an alternate, Order Status API also can be used to poll the status of the order. To improve the success rates, Validate VPA API can also be used.

Available UPI Modes

  1. Collect: Send a collect request to a particular user VPA. (Default method)
  2. Google Pay: Send direct notification to google pay for the customers to make the payment. Customers can also enter the phone number to complete the payment.
    To use this mode, verify your VPA and do a penny test on the Google Pay Dashboard. Google Pay will send the MID to Cashfree. This will enable GPay OMNI channel flow.
  3. QR Code: Customer can scan and pay the QR code using any UPI app.
  4. Link: Pay using a UPI scheme link using any UPI app.
  5. Intent: Customers select the UPI app on the device to make the payment.