Loan Origination System


Cashfree Payments along with their partners allow you to facilitate loans for customers through your services. Easily create leads, upload their documents, view, and finalise the loan offer for them using our APIs.

Advantages of Lending Gateway APIs

  • Enable loans for your customers
    You can now become the organisation that facilitates lending as a service to your customers who seek financial aid.

  • Seamless integration
    Cashfree Payments enables the seamless integration of lending as a service into your website or application that streamlines the process for your customers and lending partners.

  • Single Interface
    The single transaction interface for your customers makes the process more efficient and effective than multiple redirects to complete the process.

  • Efficient APIs
    Our flawless API keys streamline lending operations and work efficiently. It quickly delivers your request to Cashfree Payments and sends the response back to your server.

Steps Involved in Lending Gateway: Loan Origination System

  1. Contact your account manager to integrate Lending Gateway into your services for your customers who seek financial help.

  2. Allow your customers to complete the loan application using your service.

  3. Use our APIs to share the details of your customer. Lending partners of Cashfree Payments review the customer details, documents submitted, and the credit score of the customer.

  4. After the review process, the partners inform Cashfree Payments about the eligible loan amount for the specific customer.

  5. With the help of the APIs, you can select an offer for the customer. Once the loan is approved, the customer signs the agreement and receives the eligible loan amount.

Find the user journey from lead creation to loan approval in the sequence diagram below. It displays the flow of events using the APIs and the webhooks initiated.

Loan Origination User Journey Diagram


Lending User Journey

Loan Origination APIs

The APIs involved in the loan origination journey are listed below. These APIs help you with the loan origination journey for your customers:

Create Lead

The Create Lead API helps you create a new lead ID for your loan-seeking customer.

Get Lead

You can find the details of the lead using the Get Lead API.

Update Lead

Use the Update Lead API if you need to update the information of the created lead. A lead is only considered complete when all the required information are updated.

Upload Documents

You can use the Upload Documents API to upload the necessary documents of the lead. You can upload the personal documents and business documents using the same API.

Get Offers

Get Offers API helps you find if there are any offers available for the lead.

Select Offer

Use the Select Offer API to finalise the loan offer for the lead.


The configuration of webhook events completes the Lending integration with Cashfree Payments. Contact your account manager to configure webhooks. You receive an email with the webhook endpoints in your registered email address.

You receive webhooks as updates after a request from your side. For example, you create a lead using the Create Lead API and receive a webhook regarding the status of the data duplication process.

The response time of each webhook event is different. Cashfree Payments notifies you once we get updates from the lender about the loan origination journey status. Click webhook events to know more about each event in detail.

End Points