We have released a new set of Payment Gateway APIs which will make integrations much easier and seamless for you. If you have any feedback, please write to [email protected].

The new Cashfree APIs are organised around REST. This means that every API has a predictable resource oriented URL. Every URL accepts JSON request body and returns JSON-encoded responses.

We also use standard HTTP response codes to denote success or failure for every API call. Only 200 OK responses should be treated as success. Any non 200 HTTP response code should be treated as failure.

We have also added few more features to enable tracking and make debugging easy for merchants.

  1. x-request-id - If you send this header in your API call, Cashfree will tag this request-id for the entire lifecycle of the request. If you face issues with any API call, you can send us the x-request-id for us to debug it faster.

  2. ratelimiting - We have added custom headers for rate-limiting. If you ever get a 429 response code from the API. You can refer to these headers to find your current limits and the remaining limits. X-Ratelimit-Limit, X-Ratelimit-Remaining, X-Ratelimit-Retry, X-Ratelimit-Type.