Fetch All Refunds

Use this API to fetch all refunds processed in your account for the date range specified.

Click to view the detailed response parameters and response codes.

Response Parameters

statusStatus of API call. Values are - OK and ERROR
messageResponse message (will have the reason when the status is sent as ERROR)
refundThe refund details available below will be shown.

Refund Objects

refundId (Float)ID of the refund
orderId (String)Merchant order id that is passed during payment request
arn (String)Acquirer Reference number that was generated for this refund
referenceId (String)Cashfree reference id of the transaction
txAmount (String)Transaction Amount
refundAmount (String)Amount supposed to be refunded
refundNote (String)Note provided during refund initiation
processed (String)Refund processing status (Values will be YES or NO)
initiatedOn (String)DateTime of refund initiation
processedOn (String)DateTime of refund processing (Will be blank for unprocessed ones)

Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusDescription
200OKappId missing in the request
200OKsecretKey missing in the request
200OKstartDate missing in the request
200OKendDate missing in the request