Create Bank Account

Use this API to share the bank account details of the dealer/distributor who raised the invoice for the customer to pay.

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Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessageNext Action
400ERRORLoan request not found.Enter a valid lead ID.
400ERRORInvalid ifscEnter valid IFSC details
400ERRORbank_name cannot be more than 50 charactersEnter a valid bank name
400ERRORbank : parameter missingEnter bank_name information in the API.
400ERRORaccount_number cannot be more than 20 charactersEnter a valid account number
400ERRORaccount_number : parameter missingEnter account_number information in the API.
400ERRORaccount_holder_name cannot be more than 50 charactersEnter a valid account holder name.
400ERRORaccount_holder : parameter missingEnter account_holder information in the API.
400ERRORcategory : parameter missingEnter account_category information in the API
400ERRORaccount_category : value is invalidAccepted values - SELF OR DISTRIBUTOR. SELF - If the retailer provides the personal bank account details; DISTRIBUTOR - If the retailer provides the business bank account details.
400ERRORaccount_type : value is invalidAccepted values - SAVING or CURRENT. It is the bank account type of the individual or business to which the customer owes money.
403ERRORFailed to authenticateEnsure the client ID, secret key, and API version are mentioned in the API.
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