Verify PAN Sync

Use this API to verify if a given PAN exists. You will receive the name registered with the PAN and the PAN type (Individual or Business) in the response for valid PAN.


Name Match Feature

To manually check if the provided customer name and the name registered with PAN are the same, consumes a lot of time and effort. Cashfree Payments has introduced a new feature that will help you to verify if the names are the same and provide the result accordingly.

Two new parameters, nameMatchResult and nameMatchScore will be available in the response, which will help you make faster validations and process payments successfully. Click here to know more.

Contact your Account Manager or write to [email protected] to activate the name match score feature for your account.

Click here to see the response codes.

Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessage
200SUCCESSPAN verified successfully.
400ERROREnter valid PAN.
400ERRORPAN should be alphanumeric.
200ERRORInvalid PAN
500ERRORUnable to process your request. Try again after some time.
422ERRORInsufficient balance to process this request.
400ERRORPAN verification is not enabled for this Account.
400ERRORName should not include special characters.
400ERRORName can include a maximum of 40 characters.
404ERRORIncorrect reference ID.
400ERRORThe reference ID already exists. Provide a different ID.
500ERRORUnable to process your request. Try again after some time.

Aadhaar Seeding Status Possible Values

Aadhar Seeding is not ApplicableNA
Unable to fetch Aadhaar Seeding statusR
Aadhaar is not linked to PANT
Aadhaar is linked to PANY

PAN Status Mapping

pan_statusvalidPan Status Description
DEACTIVATEDfalseMarked as Deactivated
FAKEfalseMarked as Fake
INVALIDfalseNot present in Income Tax Department (ITD) database/Invalid PAN
VALIDtrueExisting and Valid