Update Vendor Details

Use this API to edit the existing vendor details added to your EasySplit account. You can edit details such as phone number, email ID, account holder name, account number, IFSC Code, UPI VPA, and the settlement cycles.

Settlement Cycles Supported

Settlement Cycle Details

1T+1 settlement at 11:00 AM
2T+2 settlement at 11:00 AM
3All transactions from 4:30 PM T-1 to 10:30 AM T+0 settled at 11AM T+0, and, 10:30 AM T+0 to 4:30PM T+0 at 5:00PM T+0
4All transactions from 2:00 PM T-1 to 2:00 PM T+0 settled at 3PM T+0
5All transactions till 5.30 at 6
6Instant Settlement Every Hour between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM on working days
7Instant Settlement every 3 hours between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on working days

Response codes

Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessage
400ERROREnter valid email ID.
400ERRORPlease provide a valid status.
400ERRORBank account number should contain 9 to 30 alphanumeric characters.
400ERROREnter valid IFSC.
400ERRORInvalid account holder name. Account holder name should include alphabets only.
400ERRORPlease provide a valid Phone number.
400ERRORInvalid Name. Name should include alphabets only.
400ERRORIncorrect settlement cycle ID. Enter valid ID.
400ERRORVendorId not specified.
400ERRORBank or UPI, only one can be passed and not both
400ERRORMerchant is not Active.
400ERRORVendor does not exist.
400ERROREnter valid UPI VPA.
400ERRORIncorrect settlement cycle ID. Enter valid ID.
500ERRORFailed to validate VPA.
400ERRORUnable to edit. VendorId is deleted.

Sample bank account numbers and UPI VPAs to test the API in the test environment.

Bank Numbers

For banks, the primary parameters for transfer would be the bank account and IFSC number included while adding or updating vendor details.

NameAccount NumberIFSCRemarks
John Doe026291800001191YESB0000262Success
John Doe00011020001772HDFC0000001Success
John Doe000890289871772SCBL0036078Success
John Doe000100289877623SBIN0008752Failed at bank
John Doe2640101002729CNRR0002640Failure – Invaid IFSC code
John Doe026291800001190YESB0000262Failure – Invalid Account number
John Doe02014457596969CITI0000001Success (later to Reversed)
Jon D026291800001191YESB0000262Failure - Account holder name matching failed


For UPI, the primary parameter for transfer would be the UPI VPA included while adding or updating the vendor details. Use these UPI VPA to test transfers to the vendor account.

success@upiSuccessful UPI transfer
incorrect@upi and invalid@upiFailed UPI transfer