Split After Payment

Use this API to split payments to vendors after successful payment from the customers.



To use this API, write to [email protected] or your Account Manager. This API has to be enabled for the test and production environment.

After the customer payment is successful, add 120 seconds delay before you use this API to split payments to vendors, to accommodate any delays in payment response from customers.

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Response Codes

Status CodeStatusMessage
404ERROROrder not found.
400ERROROrder not paid
400ERRORSettlement not found
400ERRORSettlement not applicable for payment code
400ERRORTransaction not captured
400ERRORSplit already exists
400ERRORSettlement already processed
400ERRORSettlement eligibility time passed.
400ERRORMerchant not enabled for split after payments.
400ERRORRefund already exists, cannot create split.