Create Payment Link

Use this API to create a new payment link. The created payment link url will be available in the API response parameter link_url.

Create Payment Link API must be exclusively enabled to use in the production environment. Write to [email protected] explaining your business requirement to use this API. While we activate it for you, you can perform some test transactions in the Test Environment and familiarise yourself with the flow.



  • Split Payments Received via Payment Links

To split the payments received using payment links with multiple vendors.

  1. Create a payment link using Create Payment Link API and pass a webhook (notify_url).
  2. Receive the webhook data for successful link payment and use the "order.order_id" received in the webhook.
  3. Use the Split after successful payment API to initiate the split.

For this, merchants must write to care@cashfree to enable EasySplit, Order Split after payment with Order Split max delay in days (1-45 days).

  • Payment Link Webhook - Click here to know about the Payment Link webhook.

  • To create a UPI Intent Payment Link, pass link_meta.upi_intent as true, and the link returned will open a UPI Intent flow on mobile.
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