Bank Verification Sync

Use this API to validate the given bank account number and IFSC. This is a sync verification request.

The API returns a response in two cases:

  1. The bank account or IFSC or both are invalid.
  2. The bank account and IFSC combination are verified.

Additionally, if a request is made again using the same bank account details while the previous request is being processed you will get a response stating that the request is in process along with the refId.

To fetch the status of such a request you can use the Get Verification Status API, by passing the refId as bvRefId.

Bank account verification uses the IMPS network. Verification will return the account status as "VALID" for any valid IFSC of the bank where the account exists. The API also returns city, branch and MICR in the response. However, these are returned on the basis of the IFSC provided. It is possible that the bank account may be linked to a different IFSC in the same bank.

Click here to view the response codes.

Response Codes

Status - Success

Sub CodeAccount StatusAccount Status CodeMessageBank AccountIFSC
200VALIDACCOUNT_IS_VALIDBank Account details verified successfully026291800001191YESB0000262
200INVALIDINVALID_BANK_ACCOUNTInvalid account number or IFSC provided7766666585146YESB0000001
200INVALIDINVALID_IFSCIFSC is invalid7766667287515ICIC0000001
200INVALIDACCOUNT_BLOCKEDAccount is blocked7766667989884RATN0000070
200INVALIDNRE_ACCOUNTGiven account is an NRE account7766667755761ICIC0000001

Status - Error

Sub CodeAccount StatusAccount Status CodeMessageBank AccountIFSCNamePhone
412UNABLE_TO_VALIDATEINSUFFICIENT_BALANCEInsufficient balance to process this request50101329442375HDFC0000001Any nameAny phone number
422UNABLE_TO_VALIDATEINVALID_ACCOUNTPlease provide a valid bank accountAccount number greater than 30 charactersAny IFSCAny nameAny phone number
422UNABLE_TO_VALIDATEINVALID_IFSCPlease provide a valid IFSC341234218090YESB00000010 (IFSC > 11 characters)Any nameAny phone number
424UNABLE_TO_VALIDATESOURCE_BANK_DECLINEDSource bank declined7766674831270SBIN0000003Any nameAny phone number
424UNABLE_TO_VALIDATEBENEFICIARY_BANK_OFFLINEBeneficiary Bank Offline7766668692253INDB0000018Any nameAny phone number
424UNABLE_TO_VALIDATENPCI_UNAVAILABLENPCI Unavailable7766668458130INDB0000018Any nameAny phone number
424UNABLE_TO_VALIDATEIMPS_MODE_FAILIMPS Mode fail7766667521638ICIC0000001Any nameAny phone number
424UNABLE_TO_VALIDATEFAILED_AT_BANKFailed at bank7766671735852SBIN0000004Any nameAny phone number
520UNABLE_TO_VALIDATEVERIFICATION_FAILEDVerification attempt7766667053392ICIC0000001Any nameAny phone number
422UNABLE_TO_VALIDATEINVALID_NAMEPlease provide a valid NameAny account numberAny IFSCName with special symbolsAny phone number
422UNABLE_TO_VALIDATEINVALID_PHONEPlease provide a valid Phone numberAny account numberAny IFSCAny namePhone with length greater than 12 characters.


Name Match Feature

To manually check if the provided customer name and the name registered at the bank are the same, consumes a lot of time and effort. Cashfree Payments has introduced a new feature that will help you to verify if the names are the same and provide the result accordingly.

Two new parameters, nameMatchResult and nameMatchScore will be available in the response, which will help you make faster validations and process payments successfully. Click here to know more.

Contact your Account Manager or write to [email protected] to activate the name match score feature for your account.