An aadhaar number is a unique 12 digit number used to verify an individual’s identity. Aadhaar details of individuals are a critical requirement in every sector. It is required during the customer onboarding process for various platforms like **NBFCs**, **Banks**, **Lending companies**, **Insurance companies**. Aadhaar verification is also a part of the employee onboarding process for every business. With Cashfree Payments Verification Suite you can verify your customers' aadhaar details instantly.

To verify the aadhaar number,

  1. Go to **Verification Suite Dashboard** > **Aadhaar** > click **Verify Aadhaar**.

  2. Enter the aadhaar number you want to verify.


Verify Aadhaar

  1. Click **Verify**. You will see a success message if the aadhaar you entered is valid. State, mobile number and the age band of the aadhaar holder are also shown for valid aadhaar numbers.


Verification Success

All aadhaar numbers that you verify will be visible and available for your reference in the Verification Suite - Aadhaar screen. You can search and filter for the details based on the status - **Valid**, **Invalid**, and **Verification Failed**.


Aadhaar Verification Details

You can also use our API to [verify aadhaar](🔗) details.