Refunds are payments returned back to the customer either fully or partially by the merchant. Merchants can initiate refunds for a payment processed earlier through Cashfree Payments for various reasons like order cancellation by customer, lack of available inventory with merchant, etc

## Create Refund

Refunds can be created via either APIs or through Merchant Dashboard.

### Create Refund via API

#### Payload Field Description

cf_refund_idCashfree Payments ID for a refund11325632
cf_payment_idCashfree Payments ID of the payment for which refund is initiated789727431
refund_idMerchant’s refund ID of the refundrefund_sampleorder0413
order_idMerchant’s order Id of the order for which refund is initiatedsampleorder0413
refund_amountAmount that was refunded2.00
refund_currencyCurrency of the refund amountINR
entityType of object (refund always)refund
refund_arnThe bank reference number for refund205907014017
refund_statusStatus of the refund (One of SUCCESS, CANCELLED, PENDING, ONHOLD)PENDING
status_descriptionComplete description of the refund statusIn Progress
created_atTime of refund creation2022-02-28T12:54:25+05:30
processed_atTime when refund was processed successfully2022-02-28T13:04:27+05:30
refund_chargeCharges in INR for processing refund0
refund_noteNote added by merchant for the refundCancelled Order
refund_splitsRefund split details[]
metadataAdditional refund metadatanull
refund_modeMethod or speed of processing refund (INSTANT or STANDARD)STANDARD

#### refund_status

List of possible refund status along with a generic description

PENDINGThe refund request is accepted by Cashfree Payments buy yet to be accepted by the respective banks
SUCCESSThe refund request is successfully accepted by the bank and the payment would get credited to the customer in 3-4 days
ONHOLDThe refund request is kept on hold because the merchant has insufficient balance in their Cashfree Payments account
CANCELLEDThe refund request which was earlier accepted by Cashfree Payments is cancelled because it could not be processed by the Bank

#### status_description

List of detailed status descriptions for various refund status

PENDINGIn Progress
PENDINGRefund request sent to bank for processing refund manually
PENDINGRefund request is getting processed via payouts
PENDINGRequest sent to merchant to collect customer details
SUCCESSRefund processed successfully
CANCELLEDRefund is cancelled
ONHOLDRefund on hold because of insufficient account balance

#### refund_type

MERCHANT_INITIATEDThe refund was initiated on the request of merchant
PAYMENT_AUTO_REFUNDThe refund was initiated because Cashfree Payments could not return a success response for payment within an agreed timeline, or if the customer had raised dispute for the order with Cashfree
UNRECONCILED_AUTO_REFUNDIf the payment was done to a merchant but could not be reconciled with any of the merchant orders, then the payment is auto refunded to the customer

## Get all refunds for an order

To query all the refunds associated with an order

## Get a single refund for an order

To query a particular refund for an order