To initiate payouts/payments to your customers you must add them as beneficiaries to your Cashfree Payments Payouts account. Include their bank account details or UPIs to make instant and automated payments.

You can add your customer details individually, or when you have a large number of customer details to be added, you can specify all the details in a single file (as per the format specified) and upload the file.

# Create Beneficiary

To initiate payouts to your beneficiaries, you must first add their name, email ID, phone number, and bank details. Bank details are required to initiate payouts to beneficiary bank accounts. There is no limit to the number of beneficiaries you can create. Ensure you provide the correct details to make successful payouts.

You can verify your beneficiary details like bank account number, UPI VPA, and IFSC using [Verification Suite](🔗) before making any payouts to their bank account.

To add a beneficiary account,

  1. Go to **Payouts Dashboard** > **Beneficiaries** > click **Add Beneficiary**.

  2. Enter a **Beneficiary ID**, **Name of the beneficiary**, **Phone Number**, **Email ID** and **Address**.


Add Beneficiary - Step 1

  1. **Beneficiary ID** must be unique for each beneficiary. This is required to initiate payouts.

  2. Payouts through wallets will be made to the phone number you have specified here.


Add Beneficiary - Step 2

  1. Click **Add Beneficiary**. You can now initiate payouts to the added beneficiary.

The beneficiary details will be displayed on the Beneficiaries screen. Click on the added beneficiary to view more details.


Beneficiary Details

You have the flexibility to search for beneficiaries using the Beneficiary ID, Phone No., or Bank A/c Number using the Search & Filter option. You can also filter for beneficiaries based on a selected time period.

API Integration

Use can also use our APIs to add beneficiaries. Click [here](🔗) to know more.

# Batch Upload Beneficiary Details

When you have a large number of beneficiaries to be added, you can upload a single file with all the details of the beneficiaries you want to add in one go.

To add the beneficiaries, you must upload a .csv, .xls, or a .xlsx file that contains a unique identifier for the beneficiary, beneficiary name, phone number, email ID, address, and the payment details (optional) you want to add. Download the sample file to know how the details must be filled in the file.

To upload a batch file,

  1. Go to **Payouts Dashboard** > **Batch** > click **Upload File**.

  2. Click **Choose a File** to select the file you want to upload and click Upload. The uploaded file will be visible in the **Batch** section.

  3. Click the uploaded file to view the status of the beneficiaries uploaded in the file.


Batch Upload - Beneficiary Details

# Delete Beneficiary

To delete a beneficiary,

  1. Go to **Payouts Dashboard** > **Beneficiaries**.

  2. Select the beneficiary you want to delete and click **Delete** option on to the right of the dashboard.

You cannot initiate payouts to beneficiaries after you have deleted them.