If you are migrating from any of our old integrations - Checkout, Seamless Basic or Seamless Pro, please read through the information below to understand the difference between the new and old integration methods.

Our old integrations were all based on the merchant submitting the details from the client directly to Cashfree. This was done using a web form. Over time, we have added many new features to these APIs - UPI, native OTP, payment request API, and others.

To keep the payment flows safe and secure, we have decided to move to a more restful way for payment gateway integration. The new APIs have been designed to provide more security to merchants. For example, you no longer have to pass card details over the browser, you can safely pass them from your backend to Cashfree.

If you are an existing merchant, you can try out the new APIs without changing anything in your existing integration. You can also do a payment using the old APIs and process refunds using the new APIs. We will support our old APIs for some more time.

If you need any help, reach out to us at [[email protected]](🔗).