We have revamped our Flutter SDK to make it easy for our merchants to integrate and customise their payment flows. Our Flutter SDK supports **Android SDK version 19 and above** and **iOS minimum deployment target of 11 and above** and provides the following.

Pre-built native UI screen to facilitate a quick integration with our payment gateway. This mode handles all the business logic and UI Components to make the payment smooth and easy to use. The SDK allows the merchant to customise the UI in terms of color coding and payment modes shown.


We hope you have already created an account with Cashfree Payments and have the API keys ready to start the integration. If not, click [here](🔗) to know how to create an account.

The integration can be completed in a few steps and should not take more than 30 minutes

  1. Getting the SDK.

  2. Create an order [Step 2](🔗) with Cashfree from backend.

  3. Initiate payment Step 3 in the image below.

  4. Verify payment Steps 4 & 5 in the image below.


Access on sandbox is provided for everyone and you can use the following endpoint - https://sandbox.cashfree.com/pg

# Resources

You can try out the APIs for Steps 3 and 4 by using any of the following methods

  1. From our [postman collection](🔗)

  2. You can use the following sample php project as reference for the backend APIs.

Cashfree PG Integration
Open Recipe