To make payments to multiple parties involved in a transaction, you need to first add their details. To add many vendors in one go, you can add all the details in a single file as per the format suggested and upload the file.

# Add Vendor

To add a new vendor,

  1. Go to **Payment Gateway Dashboard** > **Easy Split - Vendor** > **Add New Vendor**.

  2. Enter the **Vendor ID**, **Phone Number**, **Email ID** and click **Next**. Vendor ID is required to identify and process payments to the respective vendor.


Add Vendor - Step 1

  1. Enter the vendor's bank details like **Account Holder Name**, **Account Number**, **IFSC** or** UPI VPA** to process payments to the vendor account. You can enter the account number details or UPI VPA of the vendor.

  2. Select the option **Verify Account Details** to verify the beneficiary bank account details or the UPI VPA. This ensures that the correct details are available and will help make successful settlements for the vendor. **Note**: You will be charged to verify bank accounts and to verify UPI VPA details.

  3. Select the **Settlement Cycle** for the vendor. Settlement Cycles for vendors has to be first configured from Cashfree's end. Please reach out to your AM or Cashfree support to enable a Settlement Cycle for your vendors.


Add Vendor - Step 2

  1. Click **Add Vendor**. The vendor details are saved and can be used to process payments. The added vendor details will be shown in the **Easy Split - Vendor** screen.


Add Vendor - Step 3

API Integration

Use can also use our APIs to add vendors. Click [here](🔗) to know more

# Batch Upload Vendor Details

Use the Batch Upload feature to add a large number of vendors at a time. Add all the required details in a single file as per the required format and upload the file. Download the sample file to know what details are required to be filled in the batch file.

To upload a batch file,

  1. Go to **Payment Gateway Dashboard** > **EasySplit - Vendor** > click **Upload File**.

  2. Click **Choose a File** to select the file you want to upload and then click **Upload**. After successful processing, all vendor details will be added, and you can start processing payments to these vendors.

  • The maximum file size allowed is 8 MB, and a maximum of 50 records can be included in the file.

  • The file cannot be uploaded if it is not as per the suggested format. Also, if there are any errors in the uploaded file, you must resolve all the errors and upload the file again.

You can view the vendors added successfully from the uploaded files in the **Easy Split - Vendor** screen. An error log (if any) will also get downloaded to view more details.

# Edit Vendor Details

When you add vendors if you specified some details incorrectly or missed adding some information, you can modify it using the **Edit Vendor** feature on the product dashboard or use the [Update Merchant Details](🔗) API.

You can update:

  • Vendor's name

  • Vendor's phone number

  • Bank account details


  • Settlement cycle

To edit the details of the vendor you have already added,

  1. Go to **Payment Gateway Dashboard** > **Easy Split - Vendor**.

  2. Select the vendor you want to make changes to, click the ellipsis icon and select **Edit Vendor**.


Edit Vendor Details

  1. Edit the vendor details and click **Update** to save the changes.


Edit Vendor - Step 1


Edit Vendor - Step 2

# Adjust Vendor Balance

You can make credit and debit adjustments to the vendor account using the **Adjust Balance** feature in the product dashboard. You can also do the same using the [Transfer Vendor Balance](🔗) API.

You can adjust balances in scenarios when,

  • Refunds are not processed due to insufficient balance in the vendor's account, you can credit the vendor account to process the refund and later adjust the balance.

  • The total amount is credited to your account, and you can later make credit adjustments to the vendor account.

  • To manage differences in the vendor split percentages.

  • If you want to discontinue business with a vendor you can make credit or debit adjustments to the vendor account before you delete the account.

To adjust vendor balance,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > **Easy Split - Vendor** > click **Adjust Balance**.

  2. Enter the **Vendor ID** you want to make adjustments to.

  3. Select the **Adjustment Type** as **Debit** or **Credit**. Select **Debit** if you have to make a debit adjustment and select credit if you have to make a credit adjustment to the vendor.

  4. Enter the **Transfer Amount**, and **Remarks**.

  5. Click **Ok** to make the adjustment.


Adjust Vendor Balance