Cashfree Payments offers two charge models that you can use to charge the customers, Periodic and On-Demand. Click [here](🔗) to know more. To charge your customers for subscriptions, you must first create a plan.

To create a plan,

  1. Go to **Payment Gateway Dashboard** > **Subscriptions**.



  1. Select **Plans** > **New Plan**.



  1. Enter a **Plan ID** to identify the plan when you create a subscription.

  2. Enter a **Plan Name** for easy reference.

  3. Enter a **Description** for the plan. The details you enter here will be visible to your customers during checkout.

  4. Select **Plan Type**. It can be a **Periodic** or an **On-demand** plan.

  5. For periodic plans select the **Interval Type** (monthly, weekly, etc.).

  6. Specify the **Amount** to be charged. For on-demand plan type, specify the **Max Amount** that a customer can be charged for the plan.


Create Plan

  1. Click **Create**. A plan is created and you can create subscriptions using this plan.

All the plans that you create will be shown in the **Plans** section as shown below.



You can also use our API to create a plan. Click [here](🔗) to know more.