All major debit, credit (retail and corporate), and prepaid card brands like, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Rupay, Diner and Discover are supported. You have the flexibility to accept payments from specific card types only. For example, accept payments from debit cards only, or credit cards only. Write to [[email protected]](🔗) to get the payment method customised.

Customers have the option to save their card details during payments. It allows them to make faster payments from then on without having to enter the card details for every transaction. Cards are only saved once the transaction is successful. Click [here](🔗) to know more.

# Preauthorization

Cashfree payment gateway now supports preauthorization on credit/debit card transactions. Card brands supported are Mastercard and Visa card type only. Pre Auth flow allows you to authorize any amount of funds from your customer’s card and capture these funds (or any part of it) at a later time. This is different from typical credit/debit card transactions where the capture of funds happen immediately after the transaction is authorized.

When your customers place an order, you can temporarily block funds on their card using preauthorization. If the order is modified or is cancelled within a specific time frame, you can mark the transaction void and the blocked amount is immediately available in the customer account. There will not be any payment gateway transaction cost (TDR) on cancelled orders. You can capture verified transactions and mark cancelled transactions as void using the Bulk Capture option.