A batch transfer is a way to make multiple payouts transfer requests at one time. Cashfree offers separate APIs for batch transfers. This section provides details on how to integrate a batch transfer from scratch. It includes making a batch transfer and fetching the batch transfer status.


Batch Transfer


  1. [Setup](🔗)

  2. [Initialization and Authorization](🔗)

  3. [Request a batch transfer](🔗)

  4. [Get batch transfer status](🔗)

Check out our libraries and samples section for the integration code hosted on GitHub.

# Step 1: Setup

Get your corresponding clientId and clientSecret from your payout dashboard and ensure that your IP is whitelisted as well. Check our development quickstart here.

Host URL: Use the following URL for PROD and TEST, respectively:

  • For the **production** environment: https://payout-api.cashfree.com

  • For the **test** environment: https://payout-gamma.cashfree.com

# Step 2: Initialization and Authorization

Call the authenticate API to Cashfree system/server to obtain an Authorization Bearer token. All other API calls must have this token as Authorization header in the format 'Bearer <token>' (without quotes) for them to be processed.

**Sample Response**

# Step 3: Request Batch Transfer

A batch transfer allows you to request multiple payout transfers at a given time. Batch transfers can be created by passing the beneficiary ID or by passing the beneficiary details.

**Sample Response**

# Step 4: Get Batch Transfer Status

Get the status of all transfers within a batch transfer.

**Sample Response**

Check out our [Libraries](🔗) and [Samples](🔗) section for the integration code hosted on GitHub.

You now have a complete standard transfer integration for payouts. Cashfree will send webhooks in the case of certain events. Webhooks are server to server notifications. Learn more about webhooks [here](🔗).

When testing your integration with your test API key, you can use [test numbers](🔗) to ensure that it works correctly.