While processing payment for a merchant with bank account check enabled, Cashfree Payments verifies that a bank account exists and that the customer is making the payment through the same bank account. We perform the check for every payment. Click [here](🔗) to see the list of supported banks.

TPV Check

Please reach out to your account manager to enable this TPV check for your Cashfree Payment gateway account.

# Step 1

To process a payment with bank account check (TPV), you must pass the customer account number (`customer_bank_account_number`) and IFSC (`customer_bank_ifsc`) with every create order request. If you want the order to be processed through NetBanking, then you must pass the `customer_bank_code` as well.

# Pre-Built UI

To process a TPV payment using pre-built Cashfree UI, you just need to use the `payment_link` parameter from the response of the CreateOrder API. Using this the customer can make a payment only through their linked account. If the customer tries to complete the payment through a different account, the payment will fail and the order will remain in an `ACTIVE` state.

# Seamless

To process seamless TPV payments. You will have to integrate the `/orders/pay` API. Below we will show you how to do it for UPI and NetBanking.

## UPI

Once the order is created, use the `/order/pay` api call to initiate a payment to the customer. _ We support both UPI collect and intent transactions on UPI _

## Net Banking

To process TPV through net banking, you will need to pass the `customer_bank_code` in the create order API request. Click [here](🔗) to see the list of supported banks.

Once the order is created, you can use the `orders/pay` api to initiate a payment.