We have revamped Cashfree Payment Gateway integration to make it easy for merchants to integrate and customize the payment flows. If you plan to integrate with Cashfree APIs we recommend you try out these APIs. Access on sandbox is provided for everyone and you can use the following endpoint - `https://sandbox.cashfree.com/pg`

You can view a sample php project below to learn how to integrate using this API.

Cashfree PG Integration
Open Recipe

This API integration allows you the flexibility to create a payment experience as you want. You could either use our prebuilt checkout page or even build a custom page for your merchants using these APIs.

The integration can be completed in three steps and should not take more than 30 minutes.

  • [Create Order](🔗) Step 2 in the image below

  • [Pay Order](🔗) Step 3 in the image below

  • [Handle redirection](🔗) Step 5 in the image below


(Script tags will be stripped)

(Script tags will be stripped)

# Resources

  1. You can either try out the APIs from our postman collection [![Run in Postman](https://run.pstmn.io/button.svg)](🔗)

  2. Or you can also use the following user interface to [try out the APIs](🔗)

## Ask a question about Integration

You can ask questions, and participate in discussions about Cashfree PG API in the Cashfree Discord channel.

<a href="https://discord.gg/ygkCnYG8kQ"><img src="https://cashfreelogo.cashfree.com/discord_banner_purple.svg" /></a>