If you have send some custom data for every order you can use multiple different parameters.

  1. You can pass some free text in `order_note` (around 200 characters)

  2. Or if your use-case requires you to pass structured data, you can use another field `order_tags`.

If you use the `order_tags` field, you can pass different key-value pairs for every order. Here are some basic things to keep in mind when using this field.

  • The `order_tags` field accepts a collection of key and values.

  • You can set any key and value. The maximum number of keys supported is 6.

  • We do not have any validations on these key values, and hence it is upto the merchant to pass the correct values.

  • These custom order tags will also be part of the transaction report which can be downloaded from the merchant dashboard.

  • We do not display these `order_tags` in the merchant dashboard.

# Report

To get the `order_tags` in the report, you can download the report from the merchant dashboard.


## Dynamic GST QR Code

RBI had made it mandatory for certain businesses having turnover above 500 crores to print dynamic QR code in all the B2C invoices. Customers should be able to scan these Dynamic QR Codes from any PSP app and make payment for the order invoice. As per RBI, the dynamic QR code should also capture the following information from the merchant:

  • Supplier GSTIN number

  • Supplier UPI ID

  • Payee’s Bank A/C number and IFSC

  • Invoice number & invoice date

  • Total Invoice Value

  • GST amount along with breakup i.e. CGST, SGST, IGST, CESS, etc.

#### Creating a Dynamic GST QR Code

Merchant's can create these Dynamic GST QR Codes with the help of 2 API call

  • `POST /orders` To create order with GST details

  • `POST /order/pay ` To create Dynamic GST QR Code for an order

#### Create Order API

To create a Dynamic GST QR Code, first merchant needs to create an order by passing all the required GST details and invoice parameters.

#### Pay Order API

Once the order is created, an `/order/pay` request can be sent to create a Dynamic GST QR Code. In the pay request, payment method should be `UPI`, channel should be `qrcode` and the add invoice flag should be `true`

#### Generated QR Code

The generate Dynamic QR Code can now be printed in the order invoice


Dynamic GST QR code image