Verify UPI VPA

Verify the UPI details of your beneficiary instantly using the verify UPI VPA feature by just entering the UPI details. It instantly validates and confirms if the UPI VPA entered is valid or not. It helps in making successful transfers to your beneficiary account.

Some of the businesses may want to verify the customer name against the UPI or want to validate if the given UPI exists, this can be done instantly using Verification Suite.

To verify the beneficiary UPI,

  1. Go to Verification Suite Dashboard > UPI VPA > click Verify UPI VPA.
  2. In the Verify UPI VPA screen, enter the beneficiary VPA you want to verify.
  3. Enter the Account Holder Name provided to you, to verify it against the name registered at the bank.

Verify UPI VPA

  1. Click Verify. You will see a success message if the VPA exists.

Verification Success

All the UPI VPAs you verify will be visible and available for your reference in the Verification Suite - UPI VPA screen. You can search and filter for the details based on the status (Valid, Invalid, Unable to Validate) or a specific time duration.


You can use also use our API to verify UPI details.