Cashfree Subscriptions enables you to set up and manage recurring payments for your customers.

With Cashfree Subscriptions, you can easily create and manage subscriptions for your customers and charge them automatically as per the plan and the charge model defined.
The subscription service is available through the Dashboard and APIs.


With Cashfree Subscriptions, you can do automatic debits from your customers. The customer does not have to intervene with the payments after the initial checkout is completed.

The following points help you understand our workflow better:

  • You must first create a plan for the agreed duration using the charge model that is applicable for each customer.
  • Create a subscription with the plan and share the link with the customer.
  • Customer completes the checkout. After successful checkout, the subscription will be active till the duration that has been agreed with your customer.

Charge Model

Cashfree Payments offers two charge models that you can use to charge the customers, Periodic and On-Demand.


Customers will be charged a fixed amount at fixed intervals (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) for the goods/services that you provide. Specify the amount and the charge frequency to create a plan using the periodic charge model.

To schedule a charge on a fixed date of the month, you can set the first charge date when you create the subscription.

Example: For SIP payments where customers must make the payment on the same date month-wise. Cashfree schedules the payment as per the plan, and the fixed amount gets debited from the customer account.


When subscriptions do not have a fixed period or a fixed amount, you can use this charge model.
Example: Wallet recharges - when the balance reaches the minimum required amount, you can enable auto-recharge for customers using subscriptions.

For on-demand subscriptions when you have a large number of subscriptions to be charged, you can upload a file with all the details and charge all your customers at once using the Bulk Payments feature.

Before you create subscriptions for your customers, create a plan and specify the charge model which works for your customers.