Payouts Account Types

Cashfree supports two ways to do the payouts. You can add funds to your Payouts wallet, which is your Recharge Account, and transfer it to the respective party involved in your business, or do it directly from your bank account.

The Payouts account types are,

Recharge Account

Cashfree creates a Payouts Recharge Account when you complete the registration process with Cashfree. Every merchant is given an account number and an IFSC for their payouts account. After your payouts account is created, you will see your recharge account details on your payouts dashboard.

To use the recharge account for disbursals, you need to first add funds from your registered bank account to your payouts account. You can add funds to any of the bank accounts displayed in the Recharge Account section. The Payouts Recharge account will show the total available balance in your Payouts Dashboard.

Payouts Recharge Account offers a wide range of payment methods such as bank, card, UPI, and wallet payments. This gives you the flexibility to make payments to your customers using any method that they are comfortable with.

Write to [email protected] to provide the bank details from which you would want to add funds to your Recharge Account, if not done already.

Payouts Direct

Payouts Direct allows you to make instant and automated payments directly from your bank account. Cashfree Payouts integrates directly with your bank account, eliminating the need to maintain funds in the Recharge Account. The balance in your account is available to make the payments. However, payout methods such as cards, UPI, and wallets payments will not be available for disbursals.

Write to [email protected] if you want to make payments directly from your bank accounts.


You can use Payouts Recharge Account and Payouts Direct both for your business depending on what payment method your users are comfortable with. However, you need to maintain balances separately in both accounts. If you want to use both payment types, write to [email protected].