Partner Commissions

Become a Cashfree Payments partner, offer payment solutions to your merchants, and earn a commission for every transaction their customers make. Commission charges are additional fees on the invoice raised by the customer, either as a flat amount or percentage of the transaction value. You need to create an invoice to receive the earned commission every month.

How does it work?

For Payment Gateway collections: your commission reflects on your partner dashboard when a customer makes a transaction on your referred merchant’s website/app and the amount is settled to Cashfree Payments.
For Payouts disbursals: your commission reflects on your partner dashboard when your referred merchant makes a payout to vendor payments, processing refunds, disbursing loans, etc., using Cashfree Payments.

Calculate Commissions

Commissions are calculated in two ways:

  • Flat rate
  • Percentage of the transaction amount

Commission as a flat rate
Flat rate pricing involves charging a fixed rate for a transaction. It does not alter or fluctuate regardless of the transaction amount.

For example, let us say you are an e-commerce automation platform, and you help e-commerce businesses in converting COD orders to pre-paid. You have offered Cashfree's Payment Gateway to one of your clients, ABC Ltd., at a markup of ₹100 over Cashfree’s base rate of 3% (the minimum amount that goes to Cashfree Payments). Here is the calculation for the transaction that ABC Ltd. collected ₹10,000 using Cashfree Payments.

Transaction Amount (A)Cashfree's Charge (Base rate) (B)Your Markup (C)GST (D)Total Amount Paid by your Client
₹10,0003% (10,000*3%) = ₹300₹100(300+100)*18% = ₹72B+C+D = ₹472

Commission as a percentage of the transaction amount
Percentage pricing involves charging a specific percentage for a transaction.

For example, let us say you have offered Cashfree’s payment gateway to ABC Ltd. at a markup of 1% instead of INR 100 over Cashfree’s base rate of 3% (the minimum amount that goes to Cashfree Payments).

Transaction Amount (A)Cashfree's Charge (Base rate) (B)Your Markup (C)GST (D)Total Amount Paid by your Client
₹10,0003% (10,000*3%) = ₹3001% (10,000*1%) = ₹100(300+100)*18% = ₹72B+C+D = ₹472

View Commissions

You can track all your commissions from the partner dashboard.

  1. Login to your dashboard using your credentials. Select Commission to view the total commission earned on transactions for a particular period.

View Commissions

  1. To track payment gateway transactions by your merchants, select PG Orders in the navigation section on the left. You can view the number of transactions, total transaction amount, and commission earned by you on those transactions for every merchant.
  2. Similarly, go to Payout Transfers to keep track of all transfers made by your merchants using Cashfree Payouts and check the total commission earned on the transactions.

Commission for GST Registered and Unregistered Partners

If you are GST registered and shared the GSTIN details with Cashfree Payments, you will see the GST component in the Commission section. This information is not visible to the unregistered partners.

All GST registered partners must share their GSTIN with Cashfree Payments as per compliance requirements. Write to [email protected] to update your GST details.


GST Registered Partner

Receive Commission Amount

To initiate your commission settlement process for the previous month, you must create an invoice. Click here for more information on how to create an invoice.



To claim your commission, ensure partner KYC is complete, and the commission structure is configured on your Cashfree Payments partner account. If the commission structure is not configured on your partner account, write to [email protected].

This process is applicable for invoices from September 2022 onwards.