Initiate Refunds

The new improved Easy Split feature allows you to seamlessly initiate refunds for your customers using the Dashboard or API. To initiate refunds, you must first debit or recover the amount from the vendors involved in the particular transaction.

To initiate refunds,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Transactions > click Payments.
  2. Search for the transaction which you want to refund.

Initiate Refund - 1

  1. Click the selected transaction to view more details about the transaction. You can see the customer details, payment details, the associated vendor and the split amount details. Click Refund.

Initiate Refund - 2

  1. In the Initiate Refund screen, specify the Refund Amount. Ensure the Split Refund option is selected.
  2. Specify the refund amount for the respective vendors, and click OK to initiate a refund.
    You cannot debit a vendor marked as DELETED.

Initiate Refund - 3


Initiate Refund - 4


API Integration

Use can also use our APIs to initiate refunds. Click here to know more.

View Vendor Split Information and Refund Status

To view vendor split information and the refund status,
Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Transactions > select the transaction you want to see the details for. A screen appears as shown below:


Split Details