Create Plan

To create subscriptions for your customers, you must first create a plan and specify the charge model which works for your customers.

Cashfree Payments offers two charge models that you can use to charge the customers, Periodic and On-Demand. Click here to know more. To charge your customers for subscriptions, you must first create a plan.

To create a plan,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Subscriptions.


  1. Select Plans > New Plan.


  1. Enter a Plan ID to identify the plan when you create a subscription.
  2. Enter a Plan Name for easy reference.
  3. Enter a Description for the plan. The details you enter here will be visible to your customers during checkout.
  4. Select Plan Type. It can be a Periodic or an On-demand plan.
  5. For periodic plans select the Interval Type (monthly, weekly, etc.).
  6. Specify the Amount to be charged. For on-demand plan type, specify the Max Amount that a customer can be charged for the plan.

Create Plan

  1. Click Create. A plan is created and you can create subscriptions using this plan.

All the plans that you create will be shown in the Plans section as shown below.




You can also use our API to create a plan. Click here to know more.