Upload Documents

Use this API to upload the invoice for your customer. You can only upload a single document with this API. If you need to upload multiple documents, use the API again till all the required documents are uploaded.

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Response Codes

Sub CodeStatusMessageNext Action
400ERRORrequired request part 'file' is missingUpload the necessary files.
400ERRORDocument not eligible for loan request processing at this stage.Upload a valid document.
400ERRORdocument_id is mandatory for document uploadEnter a valid document ID.
400ERRORvalid doc_type is mandatory for document uploadEnter a valid document type.
400ERRORcategory parameter missingEnter a valid category.
400ERRORcategory value is invalidEnter a valid category.
400ERRORdoc_type : value is invalidEnter a valid document type.
400ERRORdocument type not supported for category PERSONALEnter and upload a valid document type for the specified category.
403ERRORFailed to authenticateEnsure the client ID, secret key, and API version are mentioned in the API.
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