Cashfree payment gateway now supports Pre Auth on credit/debit card transactions. Card brands supported are Mastercard and Visa card type only. Preauth flow allows you to authorize any amount of funds from your customer’s card and capture these funds (or any part of it) at a later time. This is different from typical credit/debit card transactions where the capture of funds happens immediately after a transaction is authorized.

Cashfree PG also allows you to void authorization or any transactions that haven’t been captured yet. This will deauthorize all the funds or the transactions and credit them back to the customer’s card immediately. Both void and capture can also be done manually on the merchant dashboard.


  • To help you identify if a transaction has been processed through pre-auth, Cashfree explicitly marks the txMsg parameter as "PRE_AUTH|....". You will need to check in the code if the txMsg starts with the following string "PRE_AUTH".
  • You can initiate a capture, void call only once per transaction. It should be done within 7 days from the date of the transaction.
  • Captured transactions cannot be made void or vice versa.
  • Any amount blocked for transactions that are not captured within the 7 day period will be sent back to the customer.
  • Amount blocked for transactions will be sent back to the customer account immediately when you mark transactions as void.
  • You can capture a full payment only and not a partial payment. The captured amount will be settled during the next settlement cycle.