Loan Management System


Cashfree Payments allows you to facilitate line of credit(LOC) for customers through your services with the help of lending partners. The customer flows to the loan management system journey once the loan origination journey is successful.

You can manage the line of credit(LOC) for a customer using the Loan Management System APIs. You can easily share bank account details, request for a loan, get details of a particular loan request, and upload the invoice for the lending partner to sanction the amount.


Customers refer to retailers who borrow money to pay for the invoices raised by the dealer/distributor.

Line of Credit(LOC)

A line of credit(LOC) establishes a maximum loan amount that a customer can borrow. Your customers can request multiple loan requests within the maximum loan amount till the line is active. The customers need to repay as per the signed agreement to borrow again from the line of credit(LOC) limit.

Invoice Financing

We offer invoice financing as a part of the line of credit(LOC). It allows your customers to borrow money using unpaid invoices. On behalf of your customer, the sanctioned loan amount is paid directly to the dealer/distributor who raised the invoice for the customer to pay. The customer needs to repay the borrowed amount along with an interest.


  • Request a loan
    Cashfree Payments enables you to easily request a loan. Upload the unpaid invoice and share the bank account details of the dealer/distributor to pay the debt on behalf of the customer.

  • Track a loan request
    Easily track the status of the loan, sanctioned loan amount, borrowed amount, the remaining amount, rate of interest, and other details.


The different loan statuses are: Approved, Disbursed, or Rejected. The status of the loan is updated by the lending partner.

  • Manage active loans
    Cashfree Payments allows you to track your loan details and its status with our APIs. You have easy access to details such as repayment information and every transaction's information. You can also view the penalty information if the payment is due and notify the customer.

Steps Involved

  1. Once the line of credit is active, you can view details such as the credit limit, expiry, rate of interest, and other information. This enables you to show the customer the available credit limit and the remaining amount.

  2. You can request a loan on behalf of the customer using our efficient APIs.

  3. Provide us with the bank account details of the dealer/distributor to which your customer owes money.

  4. Upload the unpaid invoice, and the dealer/distributor receives the money for the invoice.

  5. Your customers repay the borrowed amount along with the rate of interest.

  6. You can manage and view the details regarding the particular loan.

  7. Your customers can request another loan within the borrowing credit limit until the expiry of the line of credit(LOC).


The APIs involved in the loan management are tabulated below with its descriptions.

Create Bank AccountThis API helps you share the details of the bank account of the dealer/distributor to which your customer owes money.
Upload DocumentsUse this API to upload the unpaid invoice for the lending partner to sanction the amount and transfer the money to the dealer/distributor.
Get LineFind the details of the particular line of credit: such as the sanctioned amount, utilised amount, rate of interest, tenure, remaining amount etc.
Create LoanUse this API to create a loan request within the line of credit on behalf of your customer.
Get LoanUse this API to get all the details of a specific loan within the line of credit.
Get LoansUse this API to get the list of all loans within a line of credit.


The configuration of webhook events completes the Lending integration with Cashfree Payments. Contact your account manager to configure webhooks. You receive an email with the webhook endpoints in your registered email address.

You receive webhooks as updates after a request from your side. For example, you create a lead using the Create Lead API and receive a webhook regarding the status of the data duplication process.

The response time of each webhook event is different. Cashfree Payments notifies you once we get updates from the lender about the loan origination journey status. Click webhook events to know more about each event in detail.

End Points