Create Payment Forms

Payment Form is the easiest way to receive payments for any goods or services you provide to your customers. You can create a personalised payment form that suits your business without any code or payment gateway integration and instantly receive domestic and international payments.

You can create an unlimited number of payment forms and share them with your customers.

To create a payment form,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Payment Forms > click Create Payment Form.
  2. In the Payment For field explain what the customer is making the payment for. Keep this text short and clear. This information is important for customers to understand the purpose of payment.
  3. Enter the amount that you want to collect from your customers. For example, when you want to collect a fixed amount from your customers, you must enter the amount. If you want your customers to make a payment of their choice, you can leave this field blank. Contact your Account Manager at [email protected] to enable international currencies.
  4. In the Personalise URL field, you can include your brand name or similar that will help your customers identify your brand.
  5. Select the payment form validity time, if required. By default, we support 1, 2, 7, 14, 30 days of expiry from the date of creation. If you do not want the payment form URL to expire, set it as No Expiry.
Create Payment Form - Step 1Create Payment Form - Step 1

Create Payment Form - Step 1

  1. Click Next to configure the customer details you want to collect during payment. Customers will enter these details and then make the payment. These details will help you to easily reconcile after receiving payments.
  2. You can collect customer Phone Number, Email ID, and Name. You can also mark the Email ID and Name field as optional if you do not want to collect them.
  3. Select the Add Address Fields to collect customer addresses.
Create Payment Form - Step 2Create Payment Form - Step 2

Create Payment Form - Step 2

  1. Enter additional details you want to collect from customers in the Add Custom Fields section and click Next.
  2. Personalise your payment form by adding more business details. These details will help your customers understand the purpose of payment, be familiar with the brand, and will also help them contact you when needed.
Create Payment Form - Step 3Create Payment Form - Step 3

Create Payment Form - Step 3

  1. Click Create. The payment form will be created and is active to collect payments. You can share the payment form URL with your customers and start collecting payments instantly.

All the payment forms created will be visible in the Payment Forms screen.

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