Create Payment Forms

Payment Forms are the easiest way to receive payments for any goods or services you provide to your customers. You can create a personalised payment form that suits your business without any code or payment gateway integration and instantly receive domestic and international payments.

You can create an unlimited number of payment forms and share them with your customers.

Create Payment Form

To create a payment form,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Payment Forms > click Create Payment Form.
  2. In the Payment For field explain what the customer is making the payment for.
    Keep this text short and clear. This information is important for customers to understand the purpose of payment.
  3. Configure amount fields. You can specify a single amount or multiple amounts.
  4. Personalise the URL to include your brand name for easy identification.
  5. Specify the payment form validity time. (Validity time supported - 1, 2, 7, 14, 30 days, or set as No Expiry to keep it active always).
  6. Configure customer details.
  7. Add your business details.
  8. Save and create the payment form.

The payment form created is active to collect payments. Share the payment form URL with your customers and start collecting payments instantly. All the payment forms created will be visible in the Payment Forms screen.


Contact your Account Manager at [email protected] to enable international currencies.

Configure Amount Details

With Payment Forms, you have the flexibility to specify a single amount for all the products and services you intend to sell or show multiple amounts fields. With multiple amount fields, you can give your customers the option to select multiple products or services in a single form and make the payment.

Payment Form with Single Amount Field


Payment Form - Specified Single Amount

Payment Form with Multiple Amount Fields


Payment Form - Specified Multiple Amounts

For single and multiple amount fields you have to enter the following details:

  • Title - The product/service name customer is paying for.
  • Amount Type - You can predefine the amount (Fixed Amount), let the customer decide the amount (Customer Enters Amount), or specify the amount per quantity (Item with Quantity).
  • Amount - The amount you want to collect. This field is not applicable for cases where the customer decides the amount.

Amount Type


Fixed Amount

Select this amount type when you have already decided the product/service value, and want the customer to pay the exact amount specified.

Customer Enters Amount

Select this amount type when you want customers to enter an amount of their choice. For donations, fees, or any other type of funds collection, customers can enter an amount of their choice.

Item with Quantity

Select this amount type when you intend to sell more than one unit of the product/service.
Fixed Amount - Select this type if you want to limit the customer to buy only one unit.



For Multiple Amount Fields, you can mark the amount field as optional or mandatory. If fields are marked as mandatory, customers have to make the payment. For fields marked as optional, customers can select them if required and make the payment.

Configure Customer Details

With Payment Forms, you can collect customer names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses of your customers when they make the payment.

If your business requires you to collect additional details, you can specify the details you want to collect in the Customise Form Fields section.


Customer Details

  • Field Title - Specify the details you want to collect from customers. For example, PAN. In some scenarios, you may want to collect PAN details of customers, you can specify it here.
  • Field Type - You can specify what type of input you want to accept from customers. For PAN details, select PAN in this field. Field types supported - Single Line Text, Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio, Numeric and PAN (PAN format will be verified). Select the field type based on the information you want to collect.
  • Field Details - Customers will enter the information in this field.

Add Business Details

Personalise the payment form by adding your business details for your customers. These details will help them understand the purpose of payment, be familiar with the brand, and will also help them contact you when needed.

You can add a short description of your business, your contact details, website and a support link for customers to reach you easily.


Business Details

You can add social media links as well for better reachability.

Track Orders and Payments

Each time your customers open a Payment Form and attempt payment, a new Order is created against that form. It gives you information on how many times a particular customer has opened the form before making the full payment. Details of payment dropped customers will also be available here. You can use these details to follow up with customers and improve the conversion rate.

To view the details against each payment form, go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Payment Forms > Orders.

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