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You need to add your application details to allow OAuth flow. To add the application details, you must first sign up with Cashfree Payments and submit all the required details.

After your partner account is created and activated, you can contact [email protected] to enable the Developers section for you on the Partner Dashboard. You can create applications only after the Developers section is available for your account.

  1. Go to Cashfree Payments Partner Dashboard > Developers > My Apps.
  2. In the Create App screen you must enter the application details - App Name, Logo URL, Success Redirect URL, and Deny Redirect URL.
    App Name: Name of the application which will be shown to the user
    Logo Url: Logo will be displayed to the users when they authorize your application
    Success Redirect URL: Your application's callback URL when the user authenticates successfully
    Deny Redirect URL: Your application's callback URL when the user denies authentication
  3. Click Create App.
Create AppCreate App

Create App

After you add the application, it needs to be approved. Write to [email protected] with your partner details and specify the exact scope/access required on behalf of the merchants for your application.

Cashfree Payments partner support team will map the scope with your app and approve. After it is approved, the status of the app on the dashboard will change to approved. Click on the app to view the client ID and client secret key, you can download these credentials for further use.

Client ID: Unique identifier of the client, helps to identify your application.
Client Secret: It helps to authenticate the identity of the application on server-to-server API calls.

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