Add Vendors

To initiate payments to multiple parties involved in a transaction, you need to first add their details. If you have many vendors to be added, use our Bulk Upload feature to add all the vendor details in one go.

To add a new vendor,

  1. Go to PG Dashboard > Easy Split Vendors > New Vendor.
  2. Enter Vendor ID, Phone and Email. Vendor ID is required to process the payment for the respective vendor.
  3. Enter bank account details like Account Number, Account Holder Name, and IFSC of the vendor to process payments to the vendor account.
  4. Set the status as Active for new vendors, and select the Settlement Cycle.
  5. Click Create. The vendor details are saved and can be used for processing payments.
Add VendorAdd Vendor

Add Vendor

To edit the vendor details, delete, or block the vendor, click EDIT against the vendor in the Vendors screen, and click Update to save the changes.


Ensure you enter the correct bank account details of the vendors to process payments.

To bulk upload vendor details,

  1. Go to PG Dashboard > EasySplit Vendors > Bulk Upload.
  2. Download a sample format in which you need to provide the vendor details.
  3. Fill in the details and save the file.
  4. Click CHOOSE FILE to select the file with all the details and then click SUBMIT. After successful processing, all vendor details will be added, and you can start processing payments to these vendors.

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Add Vendors

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