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How do PPT designers contribute to effective presentations?

PPT designers play a pivotal role in enhancing the visual appeal and effectiveness of presentations. With their expertise in layout design, color schemes, and visual elements, they transform mundane content into engaging slideshows. By incorporating dynamic graphics and cohesive branding, [PPT designers](https://www.presentationdesigners.co.uk/) ensure that presentations leave a lasting impression on audiences. In short, PPT designers are essential for creating impactful and memorable presentations.

How to use cashfree pg in subdomain but approved in main domain


How to send custom Key-Value pair data from Android SDK?

I have implemented CashFree Android SDK and everything works fine. Now, I need to send an additional data to the backend, to be specific, a token. How can I send this data using the CashFree Android SDK?

Logo digitizing

In this discussion we will describe all espects of a logo that how much is important a logo for business, logo is a well representator of a company so [digitize my logo](https://www.embroiderydigitizing.ca/logo-digitizing)offer services which is related to the domian of embroidery.

I Facing error to create order

``` const CheckOut= async()=>{ let data = { "order_amount": 686, "order_currency": "INR", "customer_details": { "customer_id": "409128494", "customer_phone": "9876543210" } } fetch("<https://sandbox.cashfree.com/pg/orders/">, { method: 'POST', mode: 'no-cors', headers: { 'Accept': 'application/json', 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'x-client-id':'TEST101136440a36733d67a93f3ee8f044631101', 'x-client-secret':'cfsk_ma_test_2585b7a6ded72df3499b870d8c34f261_b2440381', 'x-api-version':'2022-09-01' }, body: JSON.stringify(data) }).then((result) => { console.log("result", result); //alert("Data Submited Sucess Fully") }) ``` }

Payment Gateway

How to use cashfree pg in subdomain but approved in main domain

Remove Cart and Item from the Payment cateway page

Show to remove the item name and price from the Payment page of cashfree?

Leading Creativity: London PowerPoint Presentation Agency

Unlock creativity with Presentation Designers UK, a premier [London PowerPoint presentation agency](https://www.presentationdesigners.co.uk/). Our expert team introduces fresh and unique design strategies, ensuring your content captivates. Elevate your presentations with bespoke solutions that redefine communication standards. Trust us to craft narratives that leave a lasting impression, setting a higher benchmark for impactful presentations in the dynamic landscape of the UK.

Process of PVC Keychains In Canada

PVC Patches Canada transforms amazing designs into durable small tags for your keys to create stylish [custom PVC keychains](https://www.pvcpatches.ca/keychain-patches). Using a computer design as a starting point, they create a mold, mix, and fill it with colored PVC. The keychain is cooled, cleaned, and prepared for use after baking in the oven. Keychains made using this method are robust, stylish, and capable of unusual effects like glowing in the dark.

How to get affordable custom Real Estate software development services?

Progatix is the best option for people looking for custom [real estate software development services](https://progatix.com/real-estate-software-development/) at a reasonable price. Progatix is a dependable partner in the real estate software development space because of its dedication to providing affordable solutions that are customized to fulfill certain needs. Their team of professionals guarantees that customers receive individualized care without sacrificing standards. Progatix is a go-to choice for companies looking to improve their real estate operations through bespoke software solutions because of their cost-effective services and extensive industry experience. Select Progatix for real estate software development services that are both economical and efficient, meeting both your specific requirements and financial limitations.